Foods to Avoid

Less than you think!

The guidelines have been revised. Recent evidence indicates that potentially allergenic foods such as egg, fish, cow’s milk used in foods and cooking, cheese, yoghurt, wheat and other gluten containing cereals do not need to be delayed until a certain age. If there are some family allergies you may want to be more careful and check with your GP before starting weaning.

There are still a few things to avoid for all babies:

Honey before 1 year – due to the botulism risk

Whole nuts before 5 years – because of the choking risk

Sugar – children have a natural sweet tooth and this should not be encouraged. They also don’t need any extra sugar.

Salt – babies’ kidneys tolerate salt less well than ours. Don’t add any salt to their meals.

Cow’s milk as a main drink before 1 year – iron levels are lower in cow’s milk than in breastmilk or formula. You can offer cow’s milk as a drink aftre 1 year as then your baby should be getting most of the iron they need from the food they are eating.

See the link below for more information;

TOP TIP: Please avoid honey, sugar, salt and cow’s milk as a main drink until 1 year and whole nuts until your baby is 5 years old

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