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Should I be giving my baby vitamins?

Fruit Vitamin Pills

This is a common question I get from other mums. Vitamin D is particularly topical at the moment with rickets making a reappearance. Here is the latest guidance on vitamin supplementation.

Vitamin drops containing vitamins A and D should be given to;

  • Babies over 6 months drinking less than 500ml of formula
  • Children that are fussy eaters
  • Those of Asian, African or Middle-Eastern descent
  • Children in northern areas of the UK
  • Breastfed infants over 6 months of age
  • Breastfed infants over 1 month of age if their mother did not take vitamin D during pregnancy or has poor vitamin D status

Please speak to your GP, health visitor or pharmacist if you fall into any of these groups to ensure that you take the correct supplementation. You may be eligible for Healthy Start vitamins. Please don’t self prescribe as taking vitamins can be harmful if they are not necessary.

TOP TIP: A balanced diet should provide all the vitamins and minerals we need but in some cases supplementation may be required

Reference: Venter C (2011) First Tastes. Journal of Family Health Care 21 (5): 14-17