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Trust a dietitian to know about weaning

Everyone is an expert when it comes to food! Especially anyone that has had a child. Often their views are conflicting and it can be confusing. Some opinions can be harmful to your baby. I found some weaning advice given online by a ‘leading’ UK nutritional therapist. Very scary stuff… a lot of it is bogus and some of it could really make your baby ill. Why take the risk?

When it comes to nutrition, trust a dietitian to know. Dietitians have to undergo rigorous academic and practical training before they are allowed to practice and are a regulated profession. FACT: anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, even if they haven’t studied nutrition! And just because a book has been published, it doesn’t mean the subject matter is correct. Choose carefully whose advice you follow.

Where possible, everything in this blog is supported by scientific evidence, national guidelines or by general consensus.

TOP TIP: Be wary of incorrect weaning advice. It can be harmful to your baby. Look out for the British Dietetic Association or Health Professions Council