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Beaker or Cup?

Freeflow cup

As you progress with solids, your baby will be thirsty at meals times. Offer your baby some sips of water during the meal.

Before 6 months

Exclusive breastfeeding or formula milk

6 Months

Help your baby learn to sip and not suck. Introduce a lidded free-flow beaker with two or three small holes. This is a new skill so you may want to hold the beaker and gently tip it so your baby gets small amounts at a time. Over time they will learn to hold it themselves. Non-spill (valved) beakers are not recommended as your baby does not learn how to sip.

9 Months

From 7 months you can start to decrease the amount of milk you give your baby as they start to eat more solid food. Outside of meals you can continue with breastfeeding/bottle feeds (approximately 600ml/day) until 1 year of age. During meals offer sips of water from an open cup. Some babies find the doidy cup as a good transition to the open cup. As your baby masters the beaker or cup you may want to offer milk feeds in this instead of a bottle. When out and about you can also start to offer water from a beaker.

12 Months

From 1 year, your little one no longer needs a bottle. Continued bottle use is associated with tooth decay and may delay speech development.


TOP TIP: Be prepared learning to drink can be very messy!

What equipment do you need?

Oscar spoon close up

Not much really, although some people may encourage you kit out your whole kitchen. Save the money and spend it on fresh, tasty ingredients instead.

The Basics

  • Bibs – plastic backing will stop clothes getting stained
  • Shallow plastic weaning spoons
  • Hand blender – to make up purees with this. A food processor, liquidizer or sieve and spoon will work well too.
  • Ice cube trays – you freeze the puree in these
  • Plastic bags – to store frozen cubes
  • A saucepan with a lid
  • Sieve – to remove all lumps
  • A free flowing beaker with lid (see post on drinks to follow at a later date)
  • A high chair – for babies that need some support sitting you can use the car seat, bouncer or a bumba seat


  • A steamer (buy one you can just put on a saucepan and use for your own meals as well…two birds with one stone!)

TOP TIP: Let your baby play with the spoon a few days before trying with food. This will help him get used to having it in his mouth