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Which food should I start with?

Weaning spoon

Baby Rice, Baby Porridge or Baby Cereal

Baby rice is great to start with as it still tastes of breastmilk or formula (you make it up with breastmilk/formula) but allows your little one to experience spoon feeding. Few babies are allergic to rice. Other options are baby cereal or baby porridge. These tend to be gluten free for those starting weaning under 6 months. You could make your own but I found the ready made packets easy to use and in the future you can add them to fruits and vegetables to bulk them up (e.g banana porridge).

Make up the baby rice/cereal as per the manufacturers instructions but the puree texture should resemble runny yoghurt. This semi-liquid consistency helps your little one get to grips with eating.

TOP TIP: Aim for the consistency of runny yoghurt when making up that first puree

What equipment do you need?

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Not much really, although some people may encourage you kit out your whole kitchen. Save the money and spend it on fresh, tasty ingredients instead.

The Basics

  • Bibs – plastic backing will stop clothes getting stained
  • Shallow plastic weaning spoons
  • Hand blender – to make up purees with this. A food processor, liquidizer or sieve and spoon will work well too.
  • Ice cube trays – you freeze the puree in these
  • Plastic bags – to store frozen cubes
  • A saucepan with a lid
  • Sieve – to remove all lumps
  • A free flowing beaker with lid (see post on drinks to follow at a later date)
  • A high chair – for babies that need some support sitting you can use the car seat, bouncer or a bumba seat


  • A steamer (buy one you can just put on a saucepan and use for your own meals as well…two birds with one stone!)

TOP TIP: Let your baby play with the spoon a few days before trying with food. This will help him get used to having it in his mouth

Weaning made simple

Oscar bumba

Weaning doesn’t have to be daunting or complicated

Before I started I thought I would refresh my memory and look through several of the weaning books I have.  They are all more than 100 pages long!!! Which new parent has time to read on top of a busy day looking after a baby? I definitely don’t!

My aim with this blog is provide simple, bite size pieces of information that you can look at as you go along. All this information will be based on sound evidence and in line with current guidelines.  It will also be practical as I will have personally tried it all out.

Please feel free to share any of your tips or learnings. Weaning doesn’t have to be daunting. It should be fun and simple. Enjoy it, because if you do, then your little one will too! Good luck!