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Weaning is an exciting but a daunting adventure that all parents must face when their baby reaches 6 months old. I am a dietitian with professional experience advising parents on how to wean and now I am doing it as a parent. And it’s definitely different being on the other side. I am really excited to share this journey with my little boy.

Weaning is important as it can influence the future eating habits of your little one. Research shows that babies weaned on home cooked foods eat more fruit and vegetables as toddlers than those weaned on ready prepared baby foods. I’m not the best cook but I am good enough, and determined to give it a go whilst having fun along the way!

Trust a dietitian to know about weaning

When it comes to nutrition, trust a dietitian to know. A dietitian is the ultimate food coach as we undergo rigorous academic and practical training before we are allowed to practice. We believe in scientific evidence and are a regulated profession. Where possible, everything in this blog is supported by scientific evidence, national guidelines or general consensus.

My aim with this blog

I aim to provide simple, bite size pieces of information that you can look at as you go along. All this information will be based on sound evidence and in line with current guidelines.  It will also be practical as I will have personally tried it all out.

I hope some of my learnings can help you. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences too.

Weaning doesn’t have to be daunting. It should be fun and simple. Enjoy it, because if you do, then your little one will too! 

Good luck!



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